Building The Unnatural World In Kuala Lumpur

There's an interesting style to construction sites in Kuala Lumpur. Sure, the tools, noise and dust are the same as you'll find around the world. It's how they fence in their sites. For some reason, developers go to an extra effort to encircle their projects in fencing that's covered with pristine scenes of beautiful nature. It's a weird choice, paying homage to a world that was never at the location (northern woods in a tropical location) and most certainly never will be once their skyscraper is completed.

Enjoy the fantasy.

History In A Box

The Ayala Museum in Manila, Philippines has an amazing section of elaborate dioramas that tell the history of the country. It's an impressive collection, 60 dioramas, full of history, details, wood carvings.

Beyond taking in the history lessons, one can concentrate on the emotions of the figures and the settings to create new compositions.


When walking around Arlington, Virginia, time and perception go through their inevitable, random transformations.

The (Un)reality Of Killing

Sometimes interesting places to photograph are virtual. Why limit your environment to the physical? Depending on the video game, there can be all sorts of freedom to wander, choose a scene, set your angle and get your creative shot.

The Great Patriotic War Museum In Minsk

In Belarus, they take their war commemoration seriously. The Patriotic War Museum features plenty of documentation and artifacts. In addition to those items, there's a large collection of well-done dioramas. The images below further bring the experience to life, heightening the inherent artifice of the medium.

Ex-Pats In Israel

After WWII, Jews from all over the world found a safe place to live in Israel. You can find ex-pats from anywhere. Here's a group of friends from the Midlands of the UK.